VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- People gathered in at the Municipal Center to protest a Confederate monument.

This followed pushes to remove similar statues in Norfolk and Portsmouth.

The 27-foot monument has stood near the old Princess Anne County Courthouse since the early 1900s.

Police set up white boards for people to write down their opinions, hoping it will help keep things calm.

The Progressive Democrats of America want the monument moved.

"We're not the first people out here to stand here and ask for them to be taken down. There are decades of efforts," said Shaun Brown.

But, they were met with the opposition.

"There's no need to move it. The biggest problem is the folks that want it moved, they don't know the true history," said Kent Morris.

He and other supporters said there are many misconceptions on the monuments and what they stand for.

"People are being portrayed, as white, as racist. We're not. I look at this statue and it's to honor men that died," said veteran Jim McDaries.

"We're not about racist. We're about history, and heritage, and protecting that heritage," said Morris.

Police had about 20 to 30 officers working the rally. Overall, it was peaceful and when things wrapped up, everyone left without incident.

The organizers called it the "Rally for Respect."

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