VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Halloween celebrations marked a much needed escape for some Virginia Beach residents who are struggling to find homes.

Dozens of families at the Waypoint at Lynnhaven Apartments were suddenly kicked out of the complex one week ago.

Hurricane Matthew brought flood waters that caused asbestos, resulting in unlivable conditions.

On Sunday, the community rallied around the group of struggling families and threw a Halloween Bash for the families, but most importantly, the kids.

"They've kind of felt neglected a bit,” said Julissa Sosa. “They don't get to play as much. Today was amazing."

"A lot of kids don't even have toys," said Velma Minter. “"Having no worries is just a blessing. I just want [the children] to smile."

The complex will stop paying for families who were placed into hotels on November 2nd.

Many said they will have to get help from family. Some said they still have nowhere to go.

“This whole thing has just been nightmare,” Sosa said.

A non-profit group helping families said, at last count, it contacted about 100 families who needed assistance.

The City of Virginia Beach has been working with families to provide resources for those in need.