VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) – A person whom police said was connected to an incident involving a gun at Tidewater Community College's Virginia Beach campus appeared in court Wednesday.

Jarod Jones, 38, is facing two sets of charges. The first includes four felony charges related to the TCC incident. Among them are Abduction by Force and Use of a Firearm.

The second set of charges which are unrelated to the TCC incident include four felony charges for providing false information to the sex offender registry and failure to re-register as a sex offender.

Jones also faces three misdemeanor/traffic charges.

Police spotted Jones in a car shortly after 10 p.m. on June 30. They tried to pull him over near Holland Road and Damn Neck Road. A pursuit followed. The car crashed in the 1300 block of Oceana Blvd.

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The chase and wreck happened two days after the incident at Tidewater Community College which Jones attended from summer 2014 to spring 2017.

On June 28, a female instructor told police she was inside a restroom on campus when Jones entered and pulled out a gun.

The woman screamed, and Jones ran.

“I was definitely shocked,” said recent grad Angelica Walker. “Given that it was an instructor, I was thinking is it somebody I know, I was worried sick.”

TCC said the incident happened in building G, which is the same building where instructor Petia Downey teaches her classes.

“It happened in the bathroom that I usually use in between classes,” said Downey. “I figured this could have happened to me…pretty scary.”

TCC President Edna Baehre-Kolovani released a statement and said:

“We are adding a guard to the Virginia Beach Security staff for the time being. Ten guards are currently assigned to Virginia Beach.”

During his arraignment, Jones said he did not know what day of the week it was or where he was. The judge repeatedly asked him if he planned to hire a lawyer. Jones asked, "What is a lawyer?"

After a heated back-and-forth with the judge, Jones did not ask for a court-appointed attorney.

Jones currently is being held without bond, and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 31.