VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- People in the Windsor Woods neighborhood are left without a Thanksgiving after Hurricane Matthew swept through.

Chrysa Mangram said her home on King's Point Road is still not fixed up after it was flooded with more than two feet of water.

Because her home isn't livable, she said her 13-month-old son is living with his father in Newport News, so she can't spend Thanksgiving with him. She's still living in a hotel.

"It's no fun without my baby. My baby keeps me grounded. This materialistic crap, materialistic can't make us," she said.

Mangram added she'll be spending Thanksgiving day packing and cleaning.

Her neighbor and friend, Stephanie Starr, can sympathize with her. Starr and her husband still can't go home. They're waiting for their landlord to fix the home and for any financial help to come their way. In the meantime, she said they've had to sleep in their car in the driveway, because they don't think the house is livable and the financial help they've gotten to stay in hotels is running out.

Starr says her children have been staying with friends in the area, so they can still get to school while she and her husband figure out a housing situation.

"Separation of my children is killing me. I got to see my son for five minutes today, no lie. I hugged him and he cried, and I cried. We said happy things so we knew everything was okay and put a bandage on it," she said.

So during a time of celebration with family, these ones said they won't get to spend much time together at all.

"We would've been eating dinner at the dinner table," said Mangram, if Hurricane Matthew would've never hit the Hampton Roads area.