VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) Three new red-light enforcement cameras are now up, and more are on the way.

New cameras have been installed at Southbound Independence Boulevard at Virginia Beach Boulevard and at Eastbound Virginia Beach Boulevard at Independence Boulevard.

Drivers who are caught driving through the red lights at those intersections will initially get a 30 day warning. The grace period will end on December 20th, 2016.

After that time, violators will be sent a summons and $50 fine.

Drivers who run the red lights at the intersections where the cameras have already been running, will not have a warning grace period.

Those intersections include:

  • Northbound Independence Blvd. at Virginia Beach Blvd.
  • Westbound Virginia Beach Blvd. at Independence Blvd.
  • Northbound Independence Blvd. at Bonney Rd.
  • Eastbound and Westbound Holland Road at Rosemont Rd.
  • Southbound Lynnhaven Pkwy at International Pkwy

According to the Virginia Beach Police Department, even more red-light cameras are on the way.

Cameras are set to be operational at the following intersections before the end of the year:

  • Lynnhaven Pkwy. @ S. Rosemont Rd. (E&W/B Lynnhaven Pkwy. Approaches)
  • Northampton Blvd. @ Diamond Springs Rd. (S/B Northampton Blvd. Approach)
  • General Booth Blvd. @ Dam Neck Rd. (S/B General Booth Blvd. & E/B Dam Neck Rd. Approaches)
  • Virginia Beach Blvd. @ Great Neck Rd. (E/B Virginia Beach Blvd. & S/B Great Neck Rd. Approaches)
  • Baxter Rd. @ Independence Blvd. (E/B Baxter Rd. Approach)
  • Princess Anne Rd. @ Dam Neck Rd. (S/B Princess Anne Rd. Approach)
  • Military Hwy. @ Indian River Rd. (S/B Military Hwy. & W/B Indian River Rd. Approaches)

According to Virginia Beach Police Department, a study conducted by the city in 2015 compared crashes at intersections three years before cameras were installed with crashes during the first three years with cameras in operation.

The study found a 12% decrease in crashes.

The vehicle owner who receives a citation will have the option to dispute the violation, transfer the liability for the incident or pay the fine either online, over the telephone or by mail.

For additional information about Virginia Beach's PHOTOSafe Program or to arrange a PHOTOSafe presentation, contact the program coordinator at (757) 385-4673 or by email at