VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) – The Cavalier Shores neighborhood had its immediate request to ban parking prolonged, after worries of increased traffic from a renovated hotel.

The city council deferred a vote Tuesday night that would have banned extended overnight parking in the area, according to Councilman Jim Wood. He said it was due to confusion from residents.

“We were very disappointed in the outcome last night,” said Bernice Pope, President of the Historic Cavalier Shores Civic League.

Pope and other neighbors told 13News Now they’re worried about Cavalier Hotel employees and patrons taking up spaces.

"It's going to be very active year-round,” Pope said. “It's not going to be seasonal, like the South End."

The neighborhood wants to be a part of the “Resident Parking Permit Program,” which is already used in the resort area of town.

The issue, according to Wood, is that the Cavalier Shores wants to extend the time period three hours earlier.

“Most people come home earlier than 8 o’clock,” said resident Ashley Dawson.

"[Residents need to] maybe not focus on the hours, but implementing the plan to see if it works," Wood said. “The operator of the Cavalier Hotel operates a number of hotels and resorts, and [employees] have never used this program.”

Councilman Bobby Dyer told 13News Now he is in support of extending the hours.

The city council is expected to take up the vote again in 60 days, Dyer said.