Virginia Beach, Va (WVEC) -- Some residents in a Virginia Beach neighborhood are unhappy with a recent city council decision regarding a new grocery store.

On Tuesday, the council approved the business zoning of 929 First Colonial Road.

That’s where a new Aldi is expected to be built.

Residents are weary of the constant traffic that already invades the area because of numerous businesses, a hospital and school.

"I think after a while we're going to have to stop putting things on First Colonial Road," said resident Elaine Hudson. “When there's an emergency, it's going to be quite difficult I think with another grocery store coming."

“I don’t have a problem with it,” said resident Ernie Foust. “One store, I don’t think is going to make a major difference in more congestion or less congestion.”

The city says before approving, surveys with nearby residents were done and even traffic light studies.

The German based company with the "extreme savings" reputation, wouldn't divulge how many customers it expects in a day or week.

The company says it chose the site on First Colonial for the competitive nature and traffic the store would generate.

The new Aldi will join two others in Hampton Roads including Chesapeake and Williamsburg.