VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Police Chief James Cervera debriefed city council members on College Beach Weekend which took place April 28 to April 30.

The annual event draws tens of thousands of people to Virginia Beach, most of them college age.

Cervera said the weekend brought a "full mobilization of the police department," as evening shift officers were held over and officers from other precincts were called in.

Cervera added that the majority of visitors were cooperative and peaceful. He did note, however, that there was some violence the night of May 29 when four people were shot at the Oceanfront.

"The weekend, as I will explain, is a contradiction," said Cervera. "It's almost a dichotomy. We did have a lot of voluntary compliance. We did have a lot of folks who were just out having a good time."

The chief told council members that the costs associated with the weekend still were being calculated.

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