VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- The shooting death of Deputy Gregory Cooke in Augusta, Ga. left his family in Virginia Beach with questions and heartbreak.

“From all of the stories that we’ve heard, I just don’t understand how that could happen,” said Denise Coleman, his daughter.

Investigators in Georgia said the Norfolk native was shot in what they described as a domestic dispute while he was off duty. Cooke's family said he died at the hospital after he lost too much blood.

By Friday morning, three people had been arrested in connection to Cooke's death:

  • Donelle Osborne, 18 (Malice Murder)
  • Naeem Caldwell, 17 (Malice Murder)
  • Stevie Caldwell, 46 (Tampering with Evidence, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon)

“The two boys jumped him. They shot him, and he died on the operating table. I don’t know. I’m not in Georgia, but that’s the information I received from his wife,” said Mary Wilson, Coleman’s Grandmother.

By Friday night, arrest warrants for Hindering the Apprehension of a Criminal were issued for three other people:

  • Neqwaun O’Neal Roberson, 18
  • Nikeyla Reeves, 17
  • Demerius Taquon Hunter, 17

Cooke's daughter just saw him days ago after he came to the Hampton Roads area for a wedding.

“My twin just got married, so we just seen him,” said Coleman. “Yeah, she was hurt.”

The twins are just two of his children who were raised in Norfolk. Family members said the father of seven moved to Georgia for a marriage.

Cooke often talked about using his position to help young people.

“He said that young men need construction, need support, and that they need support this day and time because they don’t have any,” said Wilson. “A lot of young men don’t have fathers at home.”

A pregnant Coleman said her unborn grandson won’t meet his father figure.

“He was supposed to be here in a week for the baby, so it hit me pretty hard,” Coleman said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is handling the case.

Cooke's family in Hampton Roads plans to fly to Georgia to make funeral arrangements.