VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Deandre Evans Womack, 24, will spend five decades in prison after his conviction for First Degree Felony Murder, Robbery, Attempted Robbery, Malicious Wounding, Armed Burglary, and Use of a Firearm.

Prosecutors said Womack, Michael Scott, and Garry Hamlin went to a home on 22nd Street on August 6, 2016 to commit a robbery. Womack, Scott, and Hamlin held two French exchange students at gunpoint and demanded their property.

Hamlin is accused of firing a gun a bullet of which hit Scott in the head, killing him. The same bullet hit one of the exchange students, scarring him.

A police officer on bike patrol saw Womack and Hamlin as they ran from the home. Investigators said Hamlin tossed a number of items including one exchange student's wallet and a .40 calibre pistol. Police caught Hamlin and found blood on his hands, shirt, and the gun.

Womack went to see Scott's girlfriend that night and told her he thought Scott had been shot. Womack gave her directions to where the robbery took place. The next morning he met her a few blocks from the home and gave her Scott's cellphone. He admitted he was involved in the robbery and told her things that only those involved and police would know. Officers arrested Womack a few days later in Franklin where he used to live (1600 block of Dorchester St.).

Although Womack did not fire the bullet that killed Scott, his role in the crimes made him accountable for the murder.

Judge James C. Lewis sentenced Womack to 148 years in prison with 98 years suspended.

Hamlin is scheduled for trial on November 28.