Some Donald Trump supporters in the Green Run neighborhood in Virginia Beach, woke up to vandalism. Eggs were thrown against cars and homes.

"This doesn't wanna come off," said Gary Foisy as he tried to clean his convertible. "It's runny, and I'll probably have to take a razor blade to get some of this off here."

Nancy Jones saw the damage as she left home for work. "I noticed that the egg on the car and the signs were kind of trashed in the yard, and the trump sign was stolen that I had," she said.

Mario Hudson also lives in the neighborhood. He tells 13NewsNow nobody egged his car, however money was stolen from it. "For me, I wasn't a Trump supporter, but at the same time, it's like he is the president now so we just need to move on," said Hudson.

Neighbors acknowledge the presidential race has caused some divide, and say they hope people will come together.