VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- An army of three dozen plows fought to keep the streets of Virginia Beach clear after last week's winter storm dumped several inches of snow across Hampton Roads.

But some in city government say that's just not enough! They're calling for more plows to help cover the 900 miles of roadway the city is responsible for.

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City Manager Dave Hansen sent an email to council members this past weekend suggesting that the city might want to consider it."If we had enough snow plows to take care of every street in Virginia Beach -- every road, every street, every neighborhood -- we'd need about 300 plows," said Drew Lankford with Virginia Beach Public Works.

How many does the city currently own?

"Right now, we got 35," Lankford said.

After Public Works reviews the cost and effectiveness of the work that was done for this latest storm, Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms plans to meet with them to discuss recommendations.

"At this point, I believe it's critical for me to hear from Public Works, and get their recommendation and also listen to the public," Sessoms said.