VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- The city council learned more about stormwater flooding in Virginia Beach's Sherwood Lakes.

Public Works operations engineer Mark Johnson briefed council on efforts.

According to the latest city manager report, officials are working on plans to build two permanent pump stations in the neighborhood.

Cost figures are estimated at $1 million each with a completed construction date in 2019.

Another component is to construct a sewer pipe that connects the neighborhood's two bodies of water.

For the past months, residents have noticed the city's efforts of installing temporary pumps to relieve the flooding.

Some say the lakes have gone down a considerable amount since Hurricane Matthew caused significant flooding.

"We have a neighbor who measures it everyday and sends it to the board of directors to see how high it's getting," said Debi D'Adaria, Sherwood Lakes resident."We will be satisfied when we don't have to worry about it anymore. When there's a permanent solution for the pumping."

The city council has not approved the latest plans for the area.

Just last week, officials with public works updated residents about the improvements being planned for all of Princess Anne.

Some residents are concerned those efforts will end up pumping the water into their neighborhood.

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