VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Virginia Beach Police is responding to concerns about crime in Chimney Hill.

13News Now first brought you the story that there was a shooting on Tuesday that left two teens injured. Now police tell us that was actually the second shooting that day.

Fourth Precinct Police Captain Tony Yarbrough said a man was shot in the right hand while walking through a back alley in the Chimney Hill Shopping Center. Yarbrough said this was hours before two teenagers were shot near a basketball court.

"These two incidents would indicate a concern, a spike in crime but overall we don’t have an ongoing issue or anything like that in this community," said Yarbrough. "But yes, I can understand the concern of having two shootings in one day. "

Yarbrough said the two shootings don't appear to be related and are both under active investigation.

As a result of concerns about safety in Chimney Hill, Yarbrough has taken action.

"I have placed a community policing squad on bikes in the neighborhood and they're going to be on saturated patrol in the neighborhood for the foreseeable future," said Yarbrough.

Neighbor Paul Maithya said this isn't enough to curb crime.

"It takes a little bit more than that," said Maithya. It takes the community and everyone living around the area to realize a lot of things going on right now. We should all step up and do our part to make the neighborhood better."

The Chimney Hill Community Association will host a police forum on Tuesday, April 25 to discuss crime activity in the area and how to address it. Capt. Yarbrough will be in attendance and encourages all residents to come.

There is no suspect information at this time. Anyone with possible information is asked to call the Virginia Beach Police Department.