VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Some homeowners in the Windsor Woods Area are worried about the potential tropical system.

Last year, Hurricane Matthew hit them hard and many residents are still recovering. In fact, storage units still line the streets with people's belongings.

Thomas Defir lost many of his belongings, like clothes and shoes. He said when he the storm hit, water was rushing in the house.

"Ruined the floors, we lost a lot of possessions due to the waters," Defir explained.

He said he felt so helpless and doesn't want to feel that way again. Defir said, "The water was up past the mirrors, side mirrors on my van."

Almost a year after the hurricane , he's still unpacking his belongings. He is one of many that has a POD in his driveway full of stuff.

"An entertainment center, an old antique sewing machine."

Now, the possible threat of a tropical system heading to Hampton Roads has he and his neighbors on edge.

Defir explained, "We will hunker down and do the best we can with it, watch the radar."

He plans to keep his fingers crossed and hopes the storm passes and doesn't hit his newly remodeled home.

"It's Mother Nature. There is nothing you can do about it, it's going to happen, it's gonna happen," Defir explained.

Defir told us if he loses power, he uses his outdoor sensor lights for power.

He said it's important to be prepared and always move your belongings to higher ground.

He also plans on heading to the grocery store for bread, milk and water.