VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Braving the chilly temps and late hours for children, dozens who were suddenly displaced by their apartment management rallied at the Virginia Beach oceanfront Sunday.

"We really need every single pair of eyes and every amount of help we can get." said Julissa Sosa.

This group is just a portion of the hundreds we're told who are now staying in hotels.

"My Godmother is crying, my mom's crying," said 9-year old Xavier.

It's now been 48 hours since they got notice that certain rooms at the Waypoint at Lynnhaven apartment complex will close and their leases will be terminated.

Management is blaming asbestos found, two weeks after Hurricane Matthew.

"I have no idea what we're going to do after the 31st," Sosa said.

That's when the apartment management stops paying for hotels. Right now, former tenants say stress is affecting the most innocent of victims, children. Victims like Philip, who has diabetes.

"My blood was very good, but now when I move here, it's been high,” Philip said. “And the microwave food isn't filling me up."

Victim Johvanny Torres is meeting with city leaders Monday. He's spoken face-to-face with management company, Kettler. He thinks the whole ordeal was avoidable.

"They're hiding a lot," Torres said. "A lot of individuals are scared and don't know what to do. From Friday night, we had a whole weekend where we can't talk to anyone. It's not like we can call a lawyer and the lawyer is going to answer the phone to talk to us, and tell us what our rights are or what we can do."

Folks have until Monday to sign a waiver to get belongings. Many are against that idea, but if they don’t follow suit, everything becomes trash. Torres is looking at filing a lawsuit.

"There's no question to that,” said Torres. "If we can get everybody on one accord, we're going after that."

Director of Housing for Virginia Beach, Andrew Friedman, told 13News Now city leaders will meet with citizens to find out how they can help with temporary housing and basic needs.

Friedman said many areas of the city are still recovering from Hurricane Matthew damage.

13News Now has tried to contact management company, Kettler, but haven’t gotten a response.

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