VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- Some Virginia Beach residents are still struggling to find housing more than two weeks after Hurricane Matthew.

At latest count, city officials told 13News Now about 500 families have taken advantage of city recovery centers.

Out of those, some completely lost their homes due to flooding.

Carmen Welsh, a former Wapoint at Lynhaven Apartments tenant, is one of those struggling after asbestos was found in the complex.

Right now Welsh and others are in hotel rooms.

Her special needs son, Anthony, is having this health issues because his equipment, like vests, breathing assistance, and was damaged, Welsh said. The mother said she can't get it back.

"[The equipment] was in that house ultimately." Welsh said. "Is it worth jeopardizing him in the long run to reintroduce him to those belongings?"

Welsh made a Facebook video and help came. Renea Havard had the exact equipment Welsh needed.

"Us [special needs] moms...we have to stick together," said Havard. "It's equipment that is vital to our children. That is not common equipment. You can't go to the store and get it. You can't get it from a shelter.

While this story had a good ending, many others are still recovering.

Virginia Beach Housing and Neighborhood Preservation said its looking into other possible apartment evictions and how to help.

As of Wednesday, the city housing department said more than 80 families have either secured or made strides to get alternate housing after being forced out.