VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Sometimes the best way to honor our service members on Veterans Day is by simply listening.

Natalie Hood, a cadet with the JROTC program at First Colonial High School, did just that Friday afternoon.

As part of an initiative started by fellow First Colonial High School student Miles Abernethy, Vets and Cadets pairs military veterans with young cadets for sit down interviews.

Hood interviewed retired RADM William Zobel at the Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach.

“I’m 88,” said Zobel. “So I have a lot of memories.”

Zobel talked about his 36-year career in the Navy, including the time he was involved in a plane crash during The Vietnam War.

“I went down in a rice paddy,” said Zobel.

Every interview is recorded, and Abernethy is able to upload them into the Library of Congress.

The high school junior says he never got a chance to hear his grandfather’s story.

“I’m glad I’m doing this,” said Abernethy. “So their children and grandchildren can hear their stories.”