Virginia Beach, Va (WVEC) -- Some bars in Virginia Beach are seeing a heightened sense of tension among customers in light of national political unrest.

“It’s stirring the emotions and it’s bringing the worst out of everybody. I don’t know, I’ve never seen it before,” said Shani Yourman, the manager at West Beach Tavern.

Workers at the establishment said there has always been an open door policy.

”Hampton Roads has such a diverse community,” Yourman said. “I think it’s our duty to bring the people together.”

Yourman said the recent political tensions after the election have caused some close calls at bars around town.

“It’s been crazy. I can tell you that,” said Yourman.

“Arguments, debates, yes, every venue that I’ve been at,” said Security Guard Maurice Anderson.

In response, management at the bar has decided to go on a higher sense of alert.

“We’re putting in checks and balances, such as we’re not going to have any politics or anything like that on TV,” Yourman said. “We’re going to make sure security walks around and listen to people talking. We just can’t take these effects on the business.”

In the meantime, Yourman said she only sees one solution.

“We need to cope with the situation. We have a president. It’s not going to change,” Yourman said. “Spread the love.”