VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- The Virginia Beach Police Department's Internal Affairs Office launched an investigation into whether officers acted appropriately during a recent arrest after video of the incident surfaced.

13News Now viewer Lauren Etheridge shared video of the incident with us along with the following narrative:

While pumping gas, a police officer pulls over and yanks a young women out of his car and proceeds to smash her head and face into the ground repeatedly. He dragged her by arm and yelled. When I turned on the camera, his behavior changed. This girl was no more than 110lbs, there is no way she required multiple slams to the ground.

Police department spokeswoman Officer Tonya Pierce said police received a call about a disorderly person at the Four Sails Resort Hotel at 3301 Atlantic Avenue around 4 p.m. on October 17.

Officers got to the hotel and took 24-year-old Shameka R. Mitchell into custody. They charged here with Public Intoxication.

Pierce told 13News Now that while the officers were taking Mitchell to jail, she freed herself from her handcuffs.

An officer tried to re-handcuff Mitchell, but she was uncooperative. Pierce said the officer called for help, and a supervisor responded.

Police succesfully re-handcuffed Mitchell took her to jail.

She was released from custody Tuesday afternoon.

Virginia Beach Police also provided 13News Now with this statement regarding the video:

It will be investigated to determine if the tactics used are consistent with the departmental policy and that proper procedures were followed.
Shameka R. Mitchell, 24, of Virginia Beach.