VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- It's the calm before the storm in Virginia Beach, but city officials believe they're ready for winter weather expected to arrive in Hampton Roads Wednesday and Thursday.

Virginia Beach Public Works has been preparing for winter weather since it updated its snow plan back in July.

In October the city brought crews out and did a dry run, checking equipment.

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On Tuesday, employees are getting ready for the real thing, hooking up equipment and mixing sand and salt.

"At our main yard here at Dam Neck, we've got over 2,100 tons of salt and sand mixture ready to go," said Drew Lankford with Public Works.

Lankford added that on Tuesday night, crews will treat bridges, ramps, and overpasses. And as usual, they'll monitor the weather and follow their snow plan.

"We always take care of the primary roads and some of the secondary," Lankford said. "We always take care of the streets to the hospitals, the fire stations."

In addition to Dam Neck, the city has three other yards, each housing about 1,000 tons of sand and salt.