VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Thursday marks six days that Virginia Beach Public Schools have been forced to close. Some roads are still covered in snow, ice, and slush.

The district made the call early in the morning to let parents know school would not be in session. They've since reopened school on-time for Friday.

"We were slipping and sliding on the way home from some appointments yesterday, so I think it's a good idea to have the schools closed. It's just mom needs a break," said Meri Quinn, who works from home and has three young kids.

To pass the time, the family has played in the snow, played games and visited the aquarium.

Down the street from the Quinn family is the Lambson family. Deja Lambson wants the city to consider plowing more than primary and secondary roads.

"I feel like we neglect the neighborhoods. This is why the kids haven't been able to go to school," she said.

13News Now took this right to Public Works and Mayor Will Sessoms.

"A lot of the neighborhood streets aren't designed or constructed where snow plows can get in and out," said Drew Lankford, Public Works spokesman. "You have to give enough advanced warning so that they can get their cars off the street, and with temperatures in the 60s today, the snow will probably be gone before we could get everything arranged and send the trucks out."

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The mayor says in the next two to three weeks he plans on speaking with Public Works, once the department has reviewed costs and the effectiveness of the work that was done.

"At this point, I believe it's critical for me to hear from Public Works, and get their recommendation and also listen to the public," said Sessoms.

13News Now's Steven Graves also spoke with Virginia Beach Schools Superintendent, Dr. Aaron Spence. We asked about how the district will handle all the missed days.

"We're not going to send kids to school on Saturdays," said Dr. Spence. "In the past what we've been able to do is extend the school day and use those staff days, those teacher workdays and some of the holidays."

Dr. Spence said a meeting will be held Friday to see what days will be sacrificed.

We also asked the Superintendent about his opinion on needing more snow plows in the city.

"I do trust the city to make good decisions about what they need for snow removal," said Dr. Spence. "I do think there's good conversation that we could probably have about establishing some snow routes and some other things that we might be able to do to learn from this and move forward and get kids back to school as fast as we can. That's everybody's goal."