VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Everyday thousands and thousands of people are hacked. Personal information like credit cards, social security and even intellectual property are stolen. Government officials and cyber security experts came together Thursday for the Virginia Cyber Convention and Expo. Experts shared simple, seemingly common sense ways, to protect your information from being compromised.

Scott Schober deals in cyber security, yet his company, Berkeley Varitronics Systems, became a target. "The final straw was when our checking account was compromised. It's about $65,000 taken out one Monday morning and it became a federal investigation," said Schober.

Learning from personal experience, Schober now teaches others how to protect themselves in what he calls a "messy cyber world." He tells 13NewsNow it always starts with passwords. "Have to create long, and strong, hard passwords," he said. "So usually 12 characters or more, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, as well as symbols mixed in there."

He said all of your passwords for various sites must be different. Beyond that, the cyber expert said its ok to mislead. "Don't put out too much information, if you're gonna put something out there put a different birth date," Schober added.

It's also acceptable to mislead on websites that ask you security questions. "Well I could find out what high school you attended on Google in probably 30 seconds with a quick scan, so use that as an opportunity for an added layer of security and put a password there," he said.