VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- As Hampton Roads starts to thaw out from last week's winter storm, a lot of people are having trouble getting out of their neighborhoods.

I've seen a lot of people breaking their back out here trying to get the snow up," said Virginia Beach resident Isaac Galvez.

A 13NewsNow crew took to the streets of Virginia Beach to see what road conditions looked like. While main roads like Princess Anne Road were clear for the most part, side streets were blanketed in snow and ice.

"They're bad," lamented Liliana Reyes. "It's just bad."

Liliana Reyes has two young kids with a third one due in two weeks. She said the road conditions are her nightmare because she has to move homes today.

"I was supposed to move Saturday and then the parking lot where I live, it's a mess.," said Reyes. "Where I'm going to move is a mess. "The people who [were] going to help me... it's just not...going to be able to do much.

Virginia Beach Public Works spokesperson Drew Lankford said the city is doing its best with the resources available.

"If we had enough snow plows to take care of every street in Virginia Beach, every road, every street, every neighborhood, we'd need about 300 plows," said Lankford. "We've got 35."

As for why recovery is taking so long, the mayors of Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach issued a joint statement saying, "We have not seen this combination of conditions in decades, nor temperatures this cold in 100 years."

"I mean it comes with the territory I suppose," said resident Kellie Carr. "You know, we're not equipped for this kind of snow."

While the timing is inconvenient, all of us will just have to be patient until the snow and ice melt.