VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) - A wish come true for a 13-year-old boy. Adonis Lattimore was born without legs, but his parents say it hasn’t stopped him from doing what he loves.

Adonis is on the wrestling and track team for Corporate Landing Middle School. Last year, his wheelchair wasn't up to speed for big competitions.

"We would always have some issues with the wheels. From a balance standpoint and a mobility standpoint, there were always issues there," explained his dad Jerrold Lattimore.

Wednesday morning, Adonis got a brand new race wheelchair. It’s blue, like the current one, and has three wheels. The Noblemen organization paid the bill.

Lattimore explained, "It’s an opportunity for him to show people there is no limit. There is nothing you can or cannot do."

The Noblemen who paid for Adonis's new wheels, is a local non-profit organization. The group focuses on helping kids in Hampton Roads.

Lattimore says this chair will help his son for years to come.

"He has a no quit attitude. There is nothing that can get in his way or that he would allow to get in his way to stop him from what he wants to do," explained his dad, Jerrold Lattimore.

His dad says, now he's ready to see his son push his limits and roll down that track.

"He’s probably the inspiration in our family, from his siblings to his mom and dad,” Lattimore said.

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