NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) --- A Thursday client is in good hands at Sola Salon Studios in Newport News.

Thanks to the passion from long-time stylist Tangie Edwards.

This year, Edwards is celebrating her 26th year as a cosmetologist.

“Love making people look beautiful,” said Edwards.

It’s what you don't see however, that makes her career stand out.

“I’ve had challenges,” said Edwards. “But I always adjust.

When Tangie was born, doctors said she’d never be able to walk.

A spinal condition known as Spina Bifida forced her into a brace as a kid, and she still wears one today.

“I have to sit in order to do hair,” said Edwards.

But she can walk and, perhaps more importantly, cut hair and makeup like any other professional stylist.

“I know I was different,” said Edwards. “But because you’re different it doesn’t make you any less special.”

Tangie is one of those people who reminds us that it's not what you have that gets you places, it’s what you do.

“I just have to adjust my direction of how I do it,” said Edwards. “But the sky is the limit.”