NEWPORT NEWS, Va (WVEC) -- Jenna Ingellis was relieved Monday after she made contact with her sister.

"I mean, I was nauseous all night," Ingellis said "And here is my baby sister with this hurricane that one we're not going to soon forget."

Her sister Christina was feeling the force of Hurricane Irma in her Tampa home. The only place to stay was in a bunker underneath the stairs.

"Pretty much all of our neighbor's trees in our backyard went,” Christina said. “Neighbor’s trees down there went down."

Monday, the sisters had trouble getting in touch because of limited cell service.

"They said this morning one of the cell phone towers went down,” said Christina.

Luckily, there was minor damage to her neighborhood. Christina told her sister they didn’t even lose power, but the winds were unforgettable.

"[My sister and I] just opened the garage a little bit and she got blown around outside, so we ran back in," Christina said.

After seeing Irma's path of devastation both sisters are counting their blessings.

'We just lucked out that we weren't in the brunt of the storm,” said Christina.