NORFOLK, Va (WVEC) -- Our area's recent historic blizzard caused 911 dispatch calls to skyrocket.

At Virginia's third busiest center in Norfolk, the calls ranged from power outages to downed power lines.

"Normally for Fire EMS calls, it's about 150 a day," said Tony Castillo, center Manager. "Yesterday we had about 225."

The most common call: stalled cars.

"People going out and about when they really shouldn't be," Castillo said.

In some cases, callers displayed frustration over confusion.

"It's very difficult when we have to tell the folks they have to call their own towing service," said Castillo. "Our police and fire vehicles will not pick them up."

Castillo said one of the most requested places for help was Virginia Beach Boulevard.

He recommends people stay off of the roads as they will become icy over the next frigid nights.