NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Want a job where you're surrounded by beautiful scenery and get to tailor and care for gardens of complex variety?

Well, it sounds like you should apply for openings at Norfolk Botanical Garden!

The venue is accepting applications now for all of their openings. Click here to find a list of job openings as well as applications.

A list of position openings including specific job responsibilites is below:

  • Position: Greenhouse Manager (Full-time)
    • Has supervisory responsibilities
    • Essential Duties:
      • Has the ability to work inside in a greenhouse setting and outside performing manual labor for up to 8 hours.
      • Operates small engine equipment safely (golf cart, weed-eater, blower, edger, etc.).
      • Uses and maintains hand tools and equipment responsibly.
      • Operates large motorized equipment safely (truck, tractor, trailer, front end loader, Bobcat, forklift).
      • Propagates – by seeds, cuttings, divisions, etc. – and maintains plants selected from the permanent collections for use at the garden, sale at the plant sale, or trade with other botanical institutions and maintains annual plants for use in annual and tropical displays throughout the garden.
      • Propagates seeds from the Index Semina and other botanical institutions to be accessioned into our permanent collections.
      • Researches and implements best practices, methods, and technologies for effective propagation and greenhouse management. Including sanitation, propagation cutting techniques, specialized soil and media preparation, IPM, etc.
      • Monitors greenhouse complex for insect, disease and weed problems and implement appropriate IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices.
      • Coordinates, orders, receives, and processes all incoming plants to be used in annual or permanent displays in coordination with the Curator of Herbaceous Plants.
      • Maintains current accession and deaccession records of permanent plants in conjunction with the Plant Records keeper.
      • Must be able to supervise a staff team of 3 and weekly volunteers.
      • Manage budget.
      • Assists with special events, newsletter articles, lectures, team projects, and other duties as assigned.
  • Position: Groundskeeper (Full-time)
    • Specific Job Responsibilities:
      • Performs all aspects of turf care
      • Pesticide application
      • Irrigation installation and repair
      • Water feature care
      • Roadway cleaning
      • Landscape installation
      • Operate small and large power equipment safely
      • Cleans and uses equipment responsibly
      • Assists with special events and other duties as assigned
  • Position: Facilities Assistant (Full-time)
    • Essential Functions:
      • Must be able to work independently, be self-motivating, and customer service oriented.
      • Experience with electrical, plumbing, or carpentry a plus but aptitude and willingness to learn is acceptable.