NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) - Norfolk residents want answers after some say they've received high water bills from the City of Norfolk over the past several months, double or even triple the amount they used to pay.

"I would say victimized is the way I feel," explained community member David Hahn.

Hahn was one of several who showed up at a meeting Wednesday night to get answers. People want to know why their water bills went through the roof.

Community Gregory Garman said. "Why does your water bill double when the house consumption, two people and nothing is done out of the ordinary."

Some here say on average they pay 200-dollars a month, but now they're seeing bills of 400 dollars.

They want the city of Norfolk to explain the spike. The cities management services administrator, Harry Kenyon, came to the meeting to help customers and explain the billing process.

"Each utility bill is unique and there could be a number of causes," he said.

Some say when they got the high bills, they immediately hired a plumber. Nothing turned up.

"There may be a leak somewhere and we worried we are at the beach and the sand could wash it away," said David Hahn.

Community members were able to talk to Kenyon Wednesday night about their bills, but they didn't get answers and say they still aren't happy.

"I got what I was expecting tap dancing," community member Garman said.

Many others walked out of the door feeling the same way, upset and angry. If you are having problems with your water bill, contact the city at 757-664-6700