NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC)-- Norfolk State University held a moment of silence before Saturday's homecoming matchup, in memory of 18-year-old Nicholas Ackies.

Coach Latrell Scott said “its just been a tough ordeal,” for the team. Latrell said Nick was a friendly freshman. He said, “He was a great young man. His mother did a tremendous job raising him.”

About 10 minutes from the stadium now there is a card on the street where Nick was shot. It says “Gone but never forgotten.”

Since the Richmond resident shooting on Friday night, police arrested a suspect behind Nick’s death, 22 year-old Jaquan Anderson. He’s a former linebacker who played for Norfolk State University.

“It’s kind of bad to hear that somebody from my high school did something like that,” said Norfolk State Alum, Bryan Harris.

Bryan said he and Anderson both went to L.C. Bird High School, in Richmond.

“He basically took two lives in one day. He threw the boy’s life away and threw his life away at the same time” said Bryan.

Those who met Nick, like freshman Kennedy Wilson said his smile was contagious.

“I mean I’m just heart broken. I was pretty speechless when I found out,” said Kennedy. She said, “He was so funny, like I’d always see him around campus. And he’d just be cracking jokes and just making everybody smile.”

Tyrone Franklin graduated from Norfolk State in 1990. He was at the homecoming game and said, “My daughter is now, second generation. So this is like a beautiful thing for me.”

Tyrone also said the news about Nick’s death especially hits home for him since his kid plays sports for the school too. “Going to school a bright future in front of him, and now it’s gone. That’s so unfortunate,” said Tyrone.

Nick is the second player the Spartans have lost to a shooting since the school year started.

“I’d hate for you know our young guys to have to go through a situation like this but we’re a family oriented bunch and we’ll get through it together,” said Coach Latrell.

But for this homecoming weekend, “this is what being at H.B.C.U is about- staying strong in these types of moments,” said 2015 Norfolk State University Alum, David Hall Jr.

Right now Anderson faces multiple charges including second degree murder. Both the Nick and Anderson are from Richmond, but Anderson is booked in the Norfolk County Jail without bond.