RALEIGH (AP) - Searchers have found two more bodies inside vehicles that were submerged in flood waters in North Carolina from Hurricane Matthew, increasing the toll in the state to 26 dead.

Gov. Pat McCrory said at a news conference Saturday that the victims were found in Cumberland County and Wayne County after flood waters from last weekend's rains receded.

Flooding triggered by Matthew has left at least 43 dead in the U.S. The hurricane killed more than 500 people in Haiti.

McCrory says most of the people killed in his state either drove or were walking through flood waters and were swept away.

The governor says recovery from the flood continues even as waters continue to crest. Only 13,000 customers in the state remain without power.

On Friday McCrory toured Edgecombe County, about 60 miles east of Raleigh, where the town of Princeville flooded.

He said as many as nine out of 10 houses in the town of about 2,000 residents have taken on water. He said in some places the water is as deep as 10 feet.

Aerial news footage from midday showed the water had nearly reached the roofline of the town hall about one story off the ground.

Eric Locklear paddles near a partially submerged vehicle on October 12 in Lumberton. Hurricane Matthew's heavy rains ended over the weekend, but flooding is still expected for days in North Carolina. (Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, officials in Pender County northwest of Wilmington, say only rooftops are visible on some homes in the flood zone there. More than 200 have been affected by the waters from the Black River and Northeast Cape Fear River.

The flooding could affect downtown Wilmington and riverside roads in New Hanover County this weekend.