CURRITUCK, NC (WVEC) -- Currituck County Animal Services is describing an attack between a family's pet dogs and their pig an "unfortunate accident" that has led to misinformation on social media.

Investigators say a gate to an animal enclosure at a family's home was mistakenly left open by the owner, which allowed the family's pet dogs to gain access to one of the family's pet pigs. This resulted in a brief attack on the pig, which was captured on video by a neighbor and posted online.

The caption to the video claimed the attack went on for 20 minutes and "nothing was done" after the incident and the pig "received no vet care." The video posted on social media was 20 seconds in length.

Investigators, however, say one of the homeowners was able to quickly respond to the attack and called the dogs off the pig. The dogs were then returned to their enclosure. No other animals on the property were attacked.

The neighbor called 911, and by the time officers and Animal Services and Control arrived, the dogs were secured. The pig had scratches and marks on its head, but was seen up and walking around at the time.

Animal Services also said the pig received veterinary care and was given antibiotics for its injuries. It is expected to make a full recovery.

Officials say the dogs were not removed from the property, because the incident involved family pets on private property, and the animals have no history of reports of violence and never left the property.

The family is reportedly cooperating with Currituck Animal Services to try and avoid any future accidents.