PERQUIMANS COUNTY, N.C. (WVEC) -- School officials say all five students involved in a recent fight at Perquimans County High School have now been charged in the incident.

The fight started between two boys on Oct. 27 over an off-campus incident that reportedly took place Oct. 26, according to Superintendent Matthew Cheeseman.

Soon after the fight began, three other students joined the altercation. Thirteen staff members were injured as a result of trying to stop the fight.

Cheeseman told 13News Now most of the injuries were bruises, cuts, and scrapes. The family member of one teacher took her to an urgent care facility where a doctor diagnosed her with a concussion.

One student was charged the day of the fight. The four others involved were charged on Thursday, Nov. 3.

None of the students are in custody at this time, Cheeseman said.