KITTY HAWK, N.C., (WVEC) -- New, high-rise Osprey nesting platforms have been installed alongside the Wright Brothers Memorial Bridge in the Currituck Sound.

The ospreys have been nesting on wooden platforms fixed to transmission towers Dominion Energy abandoned more than 30 years ago.

Only three of the original 12 nesting platforms remain.

On Tuesday, Dominion Energy North Carolina used a helicopter to remove the few remaining wooden platforms and install larger, stronger, aluminum alloy platforms over every pole.

Dominion Energy hopes the new platforms provide safe and durable homes for the ospreys, which typically like to build their nests of jumbled branches on tall structures overlooking water.

Previously, the nests have caused power outages in the Outer Banks when the nesting materials contact power lines. Dominion Energy hopes the new platforms alleviate the possibility of issues.

"The 12 poles across Currituck Sound are the largest use so far of the platforms and the first time we have used helicopters to install them," said Carter Clevinger, project manager of the Electric Transmission Reliability for Dominion Energy.