PERQUIMANS COUNTY, N.C. (WVEC) -- Sheriff's deputies charged a Perquimans County High School student with Assault after a fight Thursday morning that left several teachers and administrators injured.

Superintendent Matthew Cheeseman told 13News Now the fight began shortly before 9 a.m. while students were changing classes.

Two boys started the fight which Cheeseman said appeared to be related to an off-campus incident that took place Wednesday.

Soon after the boys began fighting, three other students joined them.

Thirteen school district employees were hurt as a result of trying to stop the fight. They included teachers, administrators, and a district official.

Cheeseman said although most of the injuries were bruises, cuts, and scrapes, the family member of one teacher took her to an urgent care facility where a doctor diagnosed her with a concussion.

He said one student threw a fire extinguisher that ended up hitting a staff member.

Although deputies charged only one student, charges are pending against the other four students.

All five students involved are currently suspended until further notice.

"We held a faculty meeting after school. I praised all of our adults for their efforts but no student should feel unsafe here tomorrow. This is what we believe is an isolated incident between two students and then three others got involved in and from there all 5 will not be at school tomorrow," said Cheeseman.

Officials will review video from three different angles from the school's cameras as part of the investigation.