Oceana is issuing a warning to all spectators regarding this weekend’s Air Show, leave the flying to the professionals. They are urging people not to bring their drones.

“I think drones are great, they are probably a lot of fun, it’s just right time, right place,” said aviation enthusiast David Gibbons.

Gibbons and about 20 of his friends from Philadelphia make the journey to the Oceana Air Show every year. They call themselves Glidepath. Many of them own drones themselves, but they were all left at home.

“You can’t have them interfering with live aircraft, you can’t have them causing a threat,” said Ethan Thomas.

Thomas goes to about a dozen air shows a year, nationwide, he says he’s seen some close calls.

“We had a gentleman in Philadelphia get arrested because his drone almost had a mid-air with a police helicopter,” said Thomas.

They say most drone pilots are just trying to have some fun, having no clue the danger they are putting pilots and spectators in.

“But they make mistakes and mistakes can kill someone,” said Paul Uhland.

The group says they fully support the Air Show’s zero tolerance stand when it comes to unmanned aircrafts.

“We don’t need for them to wait for an actual incident to happen before they take action,” said Thomas.

If you are caught using a drone around the Air Show this weekend you will be fined, you will be prosecuted and you could face jail time, according to Oceana.