NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- If the Christmas turkey got burnt, open dining options were limited on Christmas Day.

Norfolk Navy sailor, Nathaniel Guzman and his roommates said that's how they ended up at I-Hop, dressed up.

“It was the only thing open that we could find,” said Guzman. “We don't have families here so we have each other ... might as well dress up right.”

Guzman is not the only one who was on the search to find food on Christmas day. The Saunders family also dealt with the crowded restaurant today.

They said it was all worth it to not have to cook for the first time on Christmas.

“Nobody really wanted to cook, so have somebody cook for you,” said Saunders.

“It was really nice,” said Tyena Saunders.

Cars packed the restaurant's parking lot with wait times taking close to an hour. Other customers at Denny's said the wait was just as long for them.

The Perry family also said it was worth the wait, to keep up their Christmas tradition of dinning out.

“We don't cook breakfast on Christmas morning because we do so much cooking all through the night,” said Roser Perry.

If you don't want to wait in the long lines for food, you could've stopped by Starbucks to get a nice cup o' Joe instead.

That's what Navy sailor, Rudy Urquizu did.

He said he's happy the coffee shop was open on Christmas. “Obviously you know there's not many places open right now,” said Urquizu.

He said his wife is also a barista there, so he and their newborn son got to see her on her break.

“That's actually where we met… so it's always had a special place for us,” said Urquizu.

Luckily, there were still a few open doors ready to serve on Christmas day.