NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) - While many people deal with winter weather by staying home, that's not an option for outdoor workers.

They face serious risks during the extreme cold, like frostbite, hypothermia, and slipping on ice. They have to take extra care to stay safe.

Matthew Callighan installs gutters for W.T Anderson Coporation. He said after years of working in all kinds of weather, he's used to it.

"It's a mind game really. If you don't think about it, it's not that bad," Callighan said.

The below freezing temperatures doesn't stop business from booming.

"We do have a have a heavy work flow even when it's cold," Owner of W.T Anderson, May Anderson explained.

Callighan said when he know it's going to be cold, he bundles up.

He said, "I put on as many shirts as I can. To try find a jacket to go under my two jackets."

He also tries to keep busy. If he's standing in place. He exercise.

"I jog in place sometimes. If I'm waiting for a measurement or if I'm on a latter I will try to move a little bit just to keep it up."

Callighan said sometimes he even sings a tune of two to himself just to stay warm.

"That's just to ignore the cold, especially when the wind starts."

May Anderson said if workers are just too cold and can't work, they're able to decrease their hours during the day if the homeowner doesn't mind. They will return the next day.

She said it's important for her workers to be safe and have the job done right.