VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Staff at Central Library kicked a man out Monday afternoon after two parents reported he was looking at naked pictures on his phone, as well as taking pictures of children.

The Director of Libraries, Eva Poole, said kids in the children's department told their parents they saw the pictures. The man was seen walking in and out of the children's area for a period of time.

This reportedly happened around 2:30 p.m.

However, he was only banned for the rest of Monday and is allowed back on Tuesday.

"I don't agree with that because I fear he's a danger to the population," said Heather Benson, who frequently goes to the library with her kids.

Poole said they didn't notify police because no staff saw, firsthand, any pictures or the man actually taking pictures. But, they did kick him out to address concerns.

She said staff are unclear whether these alleged pictures are inappropriate or are of adults or children.

A police spokesperson, Officer Linda Kuehn, sent this statement to 13News Now:

"We did have a third party call in to make a report regarding an alleged incident that took place at the Central Library today around 2:30. Apparently there was an incident that occurred in which the initial complainant did not want the police involved. This looks to be like it's going to be a libraries matter. I won't have additional details until I can track down the officer who took the third party report over the phone."

"Right now, I think they're doing what they can do, what they could do for today," said Jalyssa James, who was at the library.

Poole said technically, the library is public property so it wouldn't be illegal for someone to take pictures in the library.