VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A lot of people coming up empty when they checked their mailboxes this week, as the snow storm created a number of challenges for delivery services.

“We understand a day or two, but now it’s been four days and they are just giving us the run around,” said Chris Adams of Virginia Beach.

Adams said FedEx was supposed to deliver his new mattress and box spring by January 8, but the snow got in the way. Now he’s got no idea when it’s coming.

“We’re really stressed, every day they kept saying, ‘it will be delivered the next day, and the next day, wait for this hour,’ like possibly we had a chance of getting it last night, and they were like, ‘oh no we lied to you,’ pretty much,’” said Adams.

FedEx issued this statement:

Severe weather is causing service delays for some FedEx Ground customers. We regret any inconvenience this may cause for those customers and are implementing contingencies that will restore service as quickly as conditions allow.

Adams doesn’t understand, the snow is nearly all melted outside his apartment complex, so where are the delivery trucks?

“Even the little cars can go in and out no problem now, they shouldn’t have any excuses to deliver tonight or tomorrow, but it should have been now,” said Adams.

The U.S. Postal Service also had to postpone some deliveries over the past week. They said some roads and sidewalks were just too dangerous, issuing this statement.

“Employees are not required to deliver to locations where safety issues – such as icy steps, snow-packed paths or icy overhangs – create unsafe conditions.”

As for Adams, he said enough is enough, the storm is over, lets get back to work.

“For customer satisfaction, you have to get the packages to the people,” said Adams.