POQUOSON, Va. (WVEC) – There are plans to widen a road connecting Poquoson and Hampton.

VDOT wants to widen two miles of Wythe Creek Road starting at Langley Boulevard in Hampton to approximately 700 feet north of Huntlandia Way in Poquoson.

According to VDOT, the goal behind the $51.1 million “Wythe Creek Road Project” is to accommodate future traffic volumes.

The average daily traffic (ADT) along Wythe Creek Road is approximately 16,000 vehicles per day.

Tammy Winegrad says trying to get in and out of Poquoson is challenging at times. She uses Wythe Creek Road to get home. It's one of only two ways to get into the city.

“It can be crazy,” Winegrad says. “If there is an accident traffic gets backed up and I have to go all the way around to Victory Boulevard to get home.”

The project also serves another purpose, to give drivers another way out of Poquoson in case of emergency.

The project includes widening the causeway and bridge over Wythe Creek. According to VDOT, the causeway leading up to the bridge floods frequently, and the only way out of Poquoson during flooding and storm events is Victory Boulevard.

The new bridge is anticipated to be at least 1500 ft. in length, and the bridge deck will be 10 ft. higher than the existing causeway at its highest point, which is approximately halfway across the causeway.

VDOT is currently proposing keeping the existing causeway and using it as the pedestrian/sidewalk crossing.

Construction is scheduled to start in 2020. Construction is expected to take three and a half years.

A proposal still needs to be cleared and permitted by the regulatory agencies.