NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Norfolk fraud detectives are warning ATM users to be aware of thieves stealing card information through ATM skimmers.

On June 9 and June 12, police were alerted of something wrong with ATMs located outside of two 7-Elevens.

Police reported to the first 7-Eleven on June 9 at 735 Ocean view Avenue, and the second on June 12 at 420 Monticello Ave. Both location's ATMs had skimmers.

According to police, a typical ATM skimmer is a device that is used to record information from the magnetic strip off your debit or credit card. It is installed over the existing ATM card reader. When you insert your card into the skimmer, the device electronically records your number from the magnetic strip.

Investigators say both skimmers have been removed from the 7-Eleven locations.

In many cases, the thieves might put a hidden camera somewhere near the key pad to record your PIN number. Criminals could also install a fake PIN pad over the actual keyboard to capture your PIN.

In both cases in Norfolk, the thieves placed a skimmer and a keypad on each ATM machine.

Detectives recommend that customers who attempt to use any ATM, should check for obvious signs of tampering, or loose items near the card reader or the key pad.

“Always assume that someone is watching as you type in your PIN, whether it is over your shoulder or through a hidden camera” Sergeant Steven Hodgis, supervisor of the Economic Crimes Division, said.

If anyone notices something suspicious about an ATM, notify police immediately.

Police are encouraging anyone with information about the skimmers found at the local 7-Elevens to contact the Norfolk Crime Line at 1 (888) LOCK-U-UP.