NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) --- When it feel likes 100 degrees, you won’t find many dogs playing outside at Happy Tails Resort.

At the Norfolk dog daycare, time is better spent cooling off inside with the AC.

But even employee Alexa Burke will tell you, sometimes even AC isn’t enough to keep cool in a fur coat.

“We open the doors and the dogs go crazy,” said Burke.

She’s referring to pool time, when dozens of dogs sprint through a wooden gate door and into the water.

The pool has been a staple at the facility for years.

“So important,” said Burke. “Not just to have fun, but also to cool them down when it’s this hot.”

It’s also a good time for entertainment.

Happy Tails shares videos on their Facebook page that get hundreds of thousands of views.

“We have one viral video of a dog swimming back and forth outsmarting us,” said Burke.

Their most popular video features the affectionately named “non-swimming dog.”

In the video you see a dog floating in the middle of the pool with its head out of the water, seemingly content.