Virginia Beach, Va. (WVEC) -- Popular radio personality, Shaggy of Z-104, is sharing his story after falling victim to a Dominion Energy scam.

He claimed that someone posing as a Dominion Energy employee from the number (844) 361-3873 called his wife, threatening to shut off the power at their family’s business.

“They knew our last four digits of our account number and told us there was a glitch in the computer and our payments hadn’t been going through. So, they were coming to shut off our power within an hour so we got nervous and went crazy,” said Shaggy.

Fearing that he wouldn't be able to open The Haygood Skating Center in Virginia Beach if the power was shut off, he rushed to pay the bill.

“I ended up going to the bank and getting some money that they told me I owed which was pretty much on point to what we've been paying every month for our power. But I sent it to a different account,” said Shaggy.

Immediately after paying the bill, Shaggy said he realized it was a scam.

“We talk about scams all the time. But they got me in a panic because I was worried about people’s jobs,” said Shaggy.

13News Now contacted Dominion Energy about the scam and was told there are scams circulating. Next Week, Dominion Energy plans to launch a scam awareness campaign to help protect people from these crimes. Dominion issued the following tips.

  • Dominion Energy will never call you and threaten to shut off your power immediately.
  • Dominion Energy will not insist that you use only one type of payment.
  • You should only respond to one number about your Dominion Energy account. That number is (866)-DOM-HELP.

Dominion Energy said if you’re contacted by a scammer, collect as much information from them as you can, the number that appeared on caller ID and the number you were told to call for payment.
Then call local police and Dominion Energy to report it.