POQUOSON, Va. (WVEC) -- Members of the Poquoson High School community mourned the unexpected death of a 16-year-old student Wednesday.

Emergency dispatchers received a call at 8:03 a.m. that a student, Michael Belknap, who was at the school, was unconscious.

"My husband and I loved him unconditionally and it's the hardest thing I ever had to go through," said Sandra Belknap.

Michael was Sandra and Ronnie’s only child. They say he had Asperger's syndrome but was like any other kid. He enjoyed reading and playing video games.

Sandra said, "He was always smiling. I asked him the other day, "Michael are you happy kid, he said yeah mom, I love you and dad."

She said Wednesday morning was like every other day. His dad got him on the bus and he headed to school. Sandra said she got a phone call early in the morning that she needed to rush to the school.

She was later told her son felt tired, so he laid down on the bleachers. When a teacher checked on him later, he was unconscious.

While medics were on their way to the school, dispatchers updated the available information to say that Belknap was in cardiac arrest and that staff members were performing CPR. Medics took him to the hospital where he died.

“I was like no, this has to be a bad dream, this cannot be happening. This can't not happen," explained Sandra.

Both Sandra and her husband have a lot of unanswered questions and are hoping an autopsy will provide them with more information.

After school on Wednesday, Students and members of the school community were signing banners to present to Belknap's family. They also gave the family several cards to show their sympathy.

The school division is providing counseling to anyone who needed it.

If you would like to add to the Belknap family GoFundMe, click here.