PORTSMOUTH, Va (WVEC) -- A family struck by deadly gun violence multiple times is left grieving again.

Cori Terry, 25, was shot and killed last weekend, his family explained.

Portsmouth police reported a shooting in the 1100 block of Virginia Avenue, but they have not named Cori as the victim.

According to loved ones, that's where Cori was shot, later dying at the hospital after a bullet pierced his abdomen.

"I just never know when the next time you're going to see somebody," said Uniqua Randall, Cori's sister.

Cynthia Gainey, also Cori's sister, said she helped raise him and two of his other brothers who were taken by Portsmouth gun violence as well.

"Once you start feeling a sense of calmness, you can breathe, then something else happens," Gainey said.

She explained how Cori's biological brothers, Marquis and Emmanuel were gunned down recently, only a few years apart.

Emmanuel was killed in 2014 after walking from the gym, Gainey explained.

"He was gunned down on his way home," she said.

Gainey went on to say Marquis was shot dead at his house during a party in 2012.

"I'm not saying they were perfect, but they were raised in church, worked. It's just hard," said Gainey.

A Facebook post with the brothers' faces and story reading "STOP THE VIOLENCE" has been shared more than 1,000 times.

The family said they are relying on a higher power to get them through unthinkable tragedies.

"All I can tell you is God has kept us this far," said Randall.

13News Now reached out to Portsmouth police for details surrounding the weekend shooting, but we have not heard back.

Right now, family says they have not been notified of a motive or arrest(s).