YORKTOWN, Va. (WVEC) -- Trash on the sand, and garbage around the benches.

Litter at Yorktown Beach is becoming a more common and unwelcome sight.

Beachgoers have started taking their complaints to the county, and now local officials are stepping in.

Belinda Willis has lived in York County for about 20 years, and at times she finds herself cleaning up after other people.

“I'll pick up toys, clothes, bottles, bags, plastic,” Willis says.

One woman shared on Facebook last week the amount of trash left on the beach. Not too long after the post was made someone reached out to a member of the board of supervisors.

The post caught the attention of that board mention, Chad Green, who is now working to minimize the amount of trash that's left on the beach.

Willis says Green told her he is working on getting more trash cans at the beach. There are already 85 trash cans on site. Crews are out picking up trash all the time however, the problem still exists.

Willis wants others like herself to step up to the plate.

“Any action to help with a problem is a work towards a solution,” Willis says. “I'm responsible for leaving this place better for the next generation.”