BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- Ross Harris says he will not testify in his own defense in the hot car death trial. He spoke directly with Judge Mary Staley in open court Friday morning, and she asked him directly, pointing out that he had the right to speak on his own behalf in open court, as well as the right to remain silent.

"Do you understand these rights?" Staley asked.

"Yes, ma'am," Harris replied.

Shortly after that, lead defense attorney Maddox Kilgore rested their case in the trial.

The prosecution called one rebuttal witness Friday afternoon, which was followed by a charge conference. In that conference, which was open to cameras, both attorney teams, along with Judge Staley, discussed how she will charge the jury with their duties. She noted specifically what type of language she will use with the jury when she instructs them on how they will discharge their duties.

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Closing statements in the case will begin Monday morning. The jury may receive the case as soon as Monday afternoon.

Due to Election Day, Tuesday's court session is only expected to run through the first half of the day.

Live streaming coverage on will resume Monday morning at 8:30, anchored by Vinnie Politan.

Earlier Friday morning, the Harris' defense team called forensic data expert Scott Moulton to the stand. Moulton's testimony detailed the level of Harris' online searches, and whether or not he looked at specific videos online.

On Thursday, memory expert Dr. Gene Brewer was asked if it was possible for Harris to have forgotten Cooper in that hot SUV back in June 2014. Here was his response.

When the prosecution cross examined Brewer, he testifies that most cases when a parent forgets a child, the child is out of view from the driver. However, he said he was not familiar with any case in which a parent drove a short distance and forgot their child.

He agreed with the prosecution that some sort of distraction played a part in what happened.

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Harris faces a number of charges, including malice murder and felony murder in Cooper's death.

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