NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- For Thanksgiving, many people are spending it with family and relatives, but some people in Norfolk are spending it with others at the Salvation Army Men's Shelter in Norfolk.

Arthur Corpus was seating people and making sure everyone in the room is fed. He works at the men's shelter.

"This is my family," he said.

Corpus said he wouldn't want to spend his Thanksgiving any other way.

"Today is a good day for them to be with us, share with us and for us to share with them," he said.

Corpus said he has a good relationship with many who stopped by for a hot meal.

"I have sat in their seats. I've slept in their beds. I've eaten with them. I know a lot of the guys," Corpus said.

Many said they know him as well, and appreciate what he chose to do with his day.

"A lot of people are harmless and just want to feel harmony and peace and love amongst a group," said Trevis Caesar, a man in Norfolk who stopped by because he said he doesn't have parents.

Together, they all celebrated Thanksgiving, eating meals together and feeding their spirits.